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Discovering oneself is a journey. A journey that involves understanding one’s sensitivity and emotions. These two are not the easiest to live with and they also are the reasons for much of our behaviour. This brings about hurt that we tend to keep within ourselves without realising it. Our sensitivity and emotions make us want others to understand us in our way and at the same time makes us have the expectation of being understood as we are. Often this leads to chaos and not only don’t we understand others; others are unable to understand or fathom us.

This situation creates a challenge within. One of wanting to be understood and respected. This is common across all human beings. However, through our education, we don’t get taught about self-respect. We adapt as per our social value system and culture and learn to respect the other. This imbalance of having to respect the perceptions of others over oneself resulted in creating a need for oneself to be free. …


Arka Leadership

To develop authentic leaders in the world, who live life successfully and joyfully.

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