How would you define leadership role in HR in the current environment?

AB Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman, the one with a signature moustache, became a hero overnight. Only for one reason — he literally flew into a crisis.

Crisis had catapulted this brave soldier to be widely recognized, much like the HR function that got into the Covid crisis and became one of the most sought-after function in large number of organisations. That, HR played a commendable role in guiding organisations in dealing with employees during the pandemic is now an acknowledged fact, even by most hardened critics of HR…

The internet and social media are abuzz with what good leadership looks like. When we google ‘Good Leadership’ we get 2,73,00,00,000 results and ‘Great Leadership’ generates 2,78,00,00,000 results!

But there is one simple truth that stands out above all, which is a Leader’s secret sauce for success — it lies in ‘Being Authentic’.

‘Being Authentic’ means Knowing and Being who you are- the real and unique you, both consistently and fearlessly.

To many of us being ‘who we are’ is a scary thought! We have a fear of not being good enough and sometimes we suffer from the imposter syndrome…

Discovering oneself is a journey. A journey that involves understanding one’s sensitivity and emotions. These two are not the easiest to live with and they also are the reasons for much of our behaviour. This brings about hurt that we tend to keep within ourselves without realising it. Our sensitivity and emotions make us want others to understand us in our way and at the same time makes us have the expectation of being understood as we are. Often this leads to chaos and not only don’t we understand others; others are unable to understand or fathom us.

This situation…

We live in technology driven times today. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Language and Data Analytics are driving our behaviours. Our life is so intertwined with technology that sometimes we tend to ignore our own Human Intelligence, Human Insights, Creativity and Potential. As a leader,
when your engagement statistics are also being collated by technology (the data is getting driven out from the electronic surveys), you may feel disconnected from what is really happening. Interpreting the numbers may be complicated and it could become overwhelming to actually engage your teams. …

Progressive organizations know that having clear company values helps ensure that all employees are working towards the same goals; they also support the company’s vision and shape its culture. In the emerging field of authentic leadership, progressive leaders must do the same for themselves: shape a personal set of tenets to live and lead by.

At times there will be value clashes, particularly when the organization’s stated values are not reflected in actual behavior; when they are hollow values. Working in such an organization is challenging and even demotivating for leaders who are committed to showing up authentically in the…

Leadership is a subject at the forefront of many people’s minds these days. Perhaps because what’s happening around the world is showing us what our ‘leaders’ are and who among them we think of as ‘good leaders’.

Given the lack of real attention to true leadership development in schools, universities and careers when current leaders of countries, organisations and industries were making their way through life, it perhaps shouldn’t surprise or shock us that so few of them turn out to be good leaders.

But what is a good leader? …

“Wanted : A Result Oriented Leader ….. ”. One sees so much communication with this heading. There is also an entire ‘Result Oriented Management’ theme that is professed.

Focus is on results i.e. targets, topline, bottomline, P/E, stock value. Quantified end results that are chased month after month, quarter after quarter, year after year. Closing date pressures create stress and work life imbalances. Hypertension and heart diseases occur at younger and younger ages for a leader.

Lord Krishna, on the other hand, many millennia ago, spoke of Karmayoga (Yoga of Action) in The Gita . He professed focus on ‘action’…

This is not the story of a business, it’s the story of a little girl who was gentle, sensitive, mischievous and playful, who won hearts easily. Travelling through life, she got entangled in a web of relationships. The joy in her heart diminished and she was lost.

Years later, she started searching for how to be joyful and successful, this girl who was now a mother, spouse, professional…came across a coach, who helped her realise the need to develop a relationship with her inner voice to navigate and manage all relationships in life.

Taking on the journey of transformation, she…

Becoming a “Human Being” — expand the observer, listen deeply and trust the inner voice to live life to the fullest.

The world is a playground — explore, enjoy and express fearlessly to be joyful and successful.

Arka Leadership

To develop authentic leaders in the world, who live life successfully and joyfully.

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