A Story of Miracles and Possibilities

This is not the story of a business, it’s the story of a little girl who was gentle, sensitive, mischievous and playful, who won hearts easily. Travelling through life, she got entangled in a web of relationships. The joy in her heart diminished and she was lost.

Years later, she started searching for how to be joyful and successful, this girl who was now a mother, spouse, professional…came across a coach, who helped her realise the need to develop a relationship with her inner voice to navigate and manage all relationships in life.

Taking on the journey of transformation, she decluttered her perceptions and detached from her identifications to reconnect with her inner voice.

Many of us may have heard the famous story of the blind men and an elephant, where a group of blind men encounter an elephant and form their opinions about the elephant by using their predominant sense of touch. As each blind man feels a different part of the elephant’s body, their difference in perceptions causes major strife and distrust amongst the blind men.

This parable is a classic case of when our relationship with life is limited by our senses, we miss the totality of any situation or person. We all want to live a life of happiness and in our search for happiness, unknowingly we get trapped in several perceptions and identifications. When we get tired of seeking externally, we start searching questioning ourselves, till we realise that all answers exist within.

With each internal shift, she has reinvented herself as a leadership coach, author and motivational speaker. That little girl is now known as a Master Coach. This is my story of transformation from living a life filled with fear, attachment, assumptions, expectations to a life of authenticity, simplicity and joy.

Having experienced joy and richness in my life, today, I have become so trusting of my inner voice that I follow it without knowing the possible outcome my actions. I know that living joyfully requires me to simply be an instrument of manifestation. It is this trust that has given birth to Arka Leadership, the next step in the journey to sharing the possibility of ‘joy for all’.

The power of intuition has guided me in the conceptualisation, formation and selection of a diverse team based on experience, cultures, expertise, with one common passion, authenticity. The fundamental criteria for choosing the Arka team has been — is each person committed to self transformation as a way of life; do they experience life as a way of making a difference to the world. Being curious and vulnerable to learning and ideating with each team member, events have unfolded seamlessly.

The play of life is perfectly synchronous. In the wake of the pandemic, I noticed how a series of events had converged towards one mission — developing authentic leaders in the world. My book, I am Perfection, Live Life Joyfully, provides the road map for growing into an authentic leader through my story of transformation. The book is a confluence of the science of life and science of coaching, wherein I have shared my insights on how life is a mirror of what exists within.

I have been attending Leadership and HR Conferences, where there is a strong call for cultural shifts in organizations. To manage the complexity of the constantly changing environment, there is a need for shared leadership, development of authentic leaders, unleashing of the entrepreneurial spirit, using 360 degree feedback — work that we have been doing for a while now.

Experiencing this congruence of events — COVID, my book, Arka Leadership team, the need for a culture of humanness — has further strengthened my faith in the inner voice. The time is right for us to collectively stand up and make a difference to humanity. This is what we at Arka Leadership will do by developing authentic leaders and creating cultural change in organizations.

When we open ourselves to learning and other people’s perspectives, we can learn and experience life as a whole. We all have the capacity and capability to recreate our life by making choices with awareness. When we anchor internally with the inner voice, we can take leaps of faith to navigate choppy waters with resilience and agility. By observing life objectively, we have the power to harness opportunities proactively and unleash our potential as a human being. Living with my eyes open as a witness to the play of life, has allowed me to experience the miracle of stepping up for the possibility of ‘joy for all’.

Ashu Khanna is the CEO & Founder of Arka Leadership. She has an experience of over 28 years, as entrepreneur, leadership coach, author, speaker and chartered accountant. Arka Leadership develops authentic leaders globally through customized leadership development solutions.

To develop authentic leaders in the world, who live life successfully and joyfully.

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