Key Lessons for Young Entrepreneurs

Arka Leadership
2 min readNov 28, 2021

Stepping out as an entrepreneur is an adventure. The journey is replete with uncertainties, unpredictability, failures, experimentation, risk and exploration. It’s a leap of faith and courage to leave the shore and swim into the sea to pursue a purpose passionately. This is where the joy of being an entrepreneur comes in — you feel alive at all times by staying alert to the dynamism of life. The constant changes can be ridden like the waves in an ocean by developing a curious and growth mindset through:

  • Trust your gut instinct: Any entrepreneurial journey starts with trusting the gut instinct to start a venture. Often, entrepreneurs get so caught up in building the organization, that they lose touch with their instinct. It is important to stay focused and channelize the strategic mindset towards the growth of the business rather than try to be a jack of all and master of none.
  • Stay committed to the vision: Each entrepreneur starts a venture with a sense of purpose and conviction. It is easy to lose sight of the vision while growing the business. Keeping an eye on the ball helps in decision making and building a sustainable business.
  • Develop self awareness: We all possess talents, attributes, competencies and skills. Also, we have an abundance of physical, emotional or mental courage and strength that helps us serve in the world. The more we understand our strengths and collaborate with people and technology to complement our limitations, the easier it becomes to sharpen our inherent talent and perform effortlessly.
  • Mental equilibrium: We can manage the dynamism of the world innovatively and with equilibrium, when we integrate and anchor our thoughts, emotions, senses and breath with the inner voice. This provides stability to withstand the changes as well as develop expanded awareness to identify possibilities and move forward collaboratively.
  • Hire the best: People are your biggest asset. Invest in recruiting the best talent as well as their growth and empowerment by distributing the leadership of achieving the vision. Involving experts and giving them space to share ideas, explore and experiment, and take leadership makes them feel motivated to excel.
  • Culture of excellence: Make excellence your mantra. Prepare, practice, learn and apply the lessons to ensure excellence. Make self transformation a way of life to ignite curiosity, encourage reflection and collaboration to discover innovative solutions.



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