Multiply your Happiness

I was born happy and playful like any other baby. My experiences camouflaged that natural instinct and my ability to be happy became conditional upon events and outcomes. A life threatening incident triggered the need to rediscover the source of happiness. After a few years of tribulations and explorations, I realised that source and path way was within me — my inner voice. This was my eureka moment. From thereon I committed to the mission of sharing this reality with others.

We all have the key to happiness within us because we are all manifestations of the same life force. Our core and inherent nature is the same and hence, we all live in pursuit of happiness. When we live in alignment with our inner voice or sense of knowing or intuition or instinct, we can be happy. To do so, our thoughts, emotions, energy and senses have to act in an integrated manner such that there is no dissonance.

I am often asked how do we discern between our inner voice and noisy thoughts. That’s exactly the difference, our inner voice is gentle and calm, whereas our ego is noisy and agitated. Educated or not, we can all hear the inner voice by shedding our noisy thoughts. With practice, we can empower the inner voice and live from our core.

Faith in the inner self helps us take risks and travel into greenfield arenas. Many entrepreneurs like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Akio Morita, Wright Brothers, etc. have successfully followed their instinct to innovate path breaking products.

Events of life are a catalyst for turning us inwards to contemplate and listen attentively. Various practices like running, chanting, pranayama, writing, music, painting etc can serve to shift our attention inwards. Through consistent effort we can tune into our sense of knowing and gradually, deepen our trust in that instinct to live joyfully.

To develop authentic leaders in the world, who live life successfully and joyfully.