Vedic Scriptures Decoded

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4 min readOct 25, 2021

The Vedas are a compilation of mantras, rituals and wisdom that expound the art of living life with mastery. Co-existence is a fundamental reality. We are able to thrive because of the existing social structure and above all, the plentiful natural resources of the earth. The ancient sages meditated for days to understand, ‘who am I’ and ‘how to be’, such that we could co-exist peacefully and unleash our potential as human beings.

We all seek happiness, fulfillment, success, relationships, stability. We are gifted with innate talent and the awareness to harness that talent. As a manifestation of Nature, we have the capacity and capability to unfold effortlessly by integrating and anchoring with our inner voice. Our relationship with our inner voice is the key to living life joyfully. It navigates us to take the leap of faith into the unknown to unleash our fullest potential.

Ignorant of our true reality, in our quest for happiness and belonging, we run out into the world and get entangled in a web of relationships. These attachments or our ego obstructs us from living life to the fullest. Life is a mirror, wherein the play of life is designed to release us from the captivity of the ego. Every event occurs for us to withdraw inwards and anchor with our inner voice. We can either wait for the pattern of events to keep repeating or use the gift of awareness to transform consciously and expand the observer. An expanded observer can observe patterns in life, relationships, events, self and therefore, maximize opportunities to grow as a human being.

According to the laws of nature, we are inherently designed to live in integration with our inner voice. Yoga is the integration of our senses, breath, thought and emotion (individual soul) with this inner voice (the voice of Universal Love). The scriptures recommend four pathways to develop awareness of the Self and act in alignment with the inner voice.

Karma Yoga is the path of selfless action that encourages us act in alignment with our authentic self. Bhakti Yoga is the path of love for creation. When we view each manifestation as a part of the larger whole, the acceptance helps us to withdraw egoistic thoughts and observe life in totality. Raja Yoga is the path of self-discipline through techniques such as asanas, pranayama, meditation and kriyas. By observing our breath silently, we can listen to our inner voice. Jnana Yoga is the path of knowledge that encourages inquiry into the essence of Universal Love.

I started my journey of transformation with a deep desire to know how to live a balanced and joyful life with all my relationships. To seek answers on how to live life joyfully, I immersed myself in the study of scriptures and attended several courses. This knowledge helped me to declutter my thoughts. To understand how to apply this knowledge, I engaged with life as a curious learner to understand the reason behind each occurrence of life. This helped me to detach from my identifications. Pursuant to finding my calling in life, I started working as a leadership coach and began writing articles. To build emotional resilience and heal agitated emotions, I followed a disciplined routine of different practices and took support for healing. I have deep-dived into every practice diligently and followed the four paths of yoga in tandem. I realized the wisdom and resourcefulness to live life exists within. By taking responsibility to develop a relationship of trust with my inner voice, I have discovered new expressions as an entrepreneur, leadership coach, author and motivational speaker. The reality that all roles and identities emerge from the same whole and the path to happiness is through dancing in rhythm with the inner voice has shifted my world view completely. Surrendering with faith to the inner voice, I have found the strength to confront my fears and gleaned the richness of relationships, expressions, creativity and love.

Ultimately, life is a game of empowerment and unfoldment. When played according to the laws of the Universe, the outcome is a life filled with an abundance of miracles and joy. When we integrate and anchor internally, we can take quantum leaps of faith into the unknown. We become compassionate, fearless, selfless and unconditional in our way of being. Living with mastery helps us achieve excellence in performance, unleash our potential to the fullest and design a life of success and joy as a holistic human being.



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